Our Expertise
The Results. 1ST CITY are established experts in residential sales, we dominate in online market share and presence consistently ranking in the top 10% of the 150 agents (REA and Fairfax data) across the Eastern Suburbs of Sydney for our:

•Total volume of listings
•Total volume of sales, and
•Total marketing presence.

The Team. 1ST CITY offers its clients a premium service based on knowledge, experience and results. We pride ourselves on being at the forefront of marketing, online and social trends focusing on achieving the best possible price for your property with maximum exposure in a minimum time frame.

Looking to sell commercial property? Entrust your investment to 1ST CITY, the team with the know-how and experience in commercial sales, and a proven track record in helping clients achieve results.
Our portfolio includes:
•Office, and

With clients ranging from property investors and businesses through to developers, investment managers and large corporations, our team is highly conversant in the GST and legal complexities of commercial real estate. We have the expertise required to successfully guide your sale process, as well as manage your investment into the future.

When our clients are investing in residential development, they want only the very best Sydney has to offer. From project conception through to completion, 1ST CITY has the skills, knowledge and experience to guide them through a successful development. Our goal is simple: to add value.
As property development specialists, we are uniquely placed to provide our clients with a complete service;

•Identifying suitable sites
•Site feasibility studies
•Site analysis
•Cost and financial feasibility
•Analysing current market conditions and projections
•Project feasibility studies, and
•Site negotiation

1ST CITY know what it takes to make a development successful and together with Sydney’s most respected and sought-after architects, designers, builders and developers, we’ve delivered some of the Eastern Suburb’s most sought-after prestige homes, duplexes and apartments. No development is too large or too small – from renovations and refurbishments through to DA approved sites, apartment complexes, dual occupancy and raw sites, we offer an innovative outlook and a team with vision.

1ST CITY is recognised for our depth of experience in managing insolvent properties for mortgage agencies, financiers and insolvency administrators. We act for and advise a diverse range of clients both before and following property repossession, and do it with integrity and in good faith.
We provide de-facto and curb side appraisals where access is limited. Following possession, we work closely with our clients to not only provide formal market value assessments and develop auction proposals, but also advise on presentation and obtain quotes from our network of suppliers. We understand the legalities surrounding consumer credit protection and have extensive experience with developing contracts for the sale of mortgagee properties. Our team works hard to mitigate the potential for litigation from both the defaulting mortgagors and potential buyers.
It's this experience that has seen us deliver successful results for both residential and commercial properties across the Eastern Suburbs.

Over the years we’ve built a reputation as the Eastern Suburbs’ most trusted, reliable and approachable mortgage recovery agents. This isn’t by chance – we work hard to ensure our work is clear, unambiguous and accurate.
Mortgagee and insolvency is emotional and confronting, particularly with mortgagees in possession. Our experience, tact and diplomacy enables us to deliver results where others can’t, minimising the distress for all parties. We also keep you at arm’s length, preventing any potential negative repercussions on your public relations.

When appointing your agent, you need have the utmost confidence in their skills, knowledge and ability to not only market and identify the right tenant for your property, but to also successfully manage that relationship and ensure you receive the right return on your investment.

Experience counts. With extensive years’ experience in Residential and Commercial leasing and management across Sydney’s Eastern Suburbs, 1ST CITY is skilled in analysing the potential leasing market response to your property. Benefit from accurate rental appraisals and our professional advice in presentation to achieve premium returns. We have the expertise required to successfully manage your investment into the future and constantly undertake due diligence, monitoring rental levels so that our clients have ready access to the most up-to-date information at all times.

Assurance. We are proud to uphold a reputation for being proactive, responsive, attentive and thorough - assuring premium service for the smooth running and proven longevity of your tenancies. Our vision is to provide you with first class management of your investment.

Ease. Our committed and experienced team are dedicated to making your real estate investment a success. You will always have the opportunity for direct access to the Principals and we maintain a vision of ensuring things are easy and problem free for you.

Freedom. We understand the importance of property management and are committed to managing all the day-to-day operations on your behalf. Our vision is to provide you with the freedom to have more time for the people and activities that you enjoy.

Fulfillment. We work hard on our clients’ behalf with tenacity, creativity and drive. Our vision is to ensure you enjoy full market rent for your property, the highest occupancy and the best possible return on your investment. We work in partnership with you to optimise the commercial rewards of your asset.

24/7 Maintenance. 1st City provides our clients with access to a 24-hour, seven days a week operation centre for property repairs and maintenance. With a strong network of providers, we can organise maintenance on your behalf, or hand the decision over to you.

Engage your dreams.